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In the area of environmental protection:

Environmental protection

Requirements in the area of air and water resources protection, sanitary-protective zone, waste treatment by enterprises are discussed on seminars. Legislative and regulative-methodic basis of environmental protection are explored. Detailed attention is paid to the issues of legalization and extension of emission permissions into the environment.

Nature conservation documentation, accounts and payments of the enterprise

Requirements for documentation of an enterprise (Maximum Permissible Emissions, Maximum Permissible Discharge, and Standards Projects of Waste Disposal), calculation of payments, requirements for content and deadlines of reports are discussed on seminars.

Development of program of industrial ecological control. Organization of ecological service. State ecological control.

Main requirements for development of programs of industrial ecological control and organization of ecological service at the enterprise are considered on seminar. Particular attention is paid to issues of state ecological control.

Air quality management

Issues related to air protection, regulative base, and registration of emission sources, emission calculation based on various types of sources, planning actions for air protection and the analysis of its implementation are considered on seminars.

Registration and reporting greenhouse gas emissions

Main principles of greenhouse gas inventories, execution of reports, greenhouse gas emissions calculation and development of passports of greenhouse gas inventory are discussed on seminars.

In the sphere of industrial safety:

Main regulations of legislative and regulative-methodic basis.

Labour legislation and Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other legislative and regulative acts in the area of labour relations are discussed on seminar.

- Main labour rights and obligations of employers and employees. General information and normative regulations on industrial safety.

- Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on industrial safety at hazardous industrial sites.

Work safety

- List of highly hazardous work is considered on seminar.

- Major hazardous and detrimental industrial factors

- The steps of registration of highly hazardous work permit

Investigation and registration of accidents and incidents

- Industrial accidents, first-aid treatment, accident investigation procedures, materials for investigation, conclusion of investigation and costs of accident investigation are considered on seminar.

Expertise of industrial safety

- Main points of conducting expertise at the enterprise on the whole, of equipment, machinery, project documentation on issues of industrial safety are discussed on seminar. Implementation of technical audit at the enterprise on issues of industrial safety with the following determination of a set of corrective measures and recommendations as well as technical accompaniment of projects.

- Compilation of passports (duplicates) for equipment and imported machinery. Development of industrial safety declarations at hazardous industrial sites, abatement of possible accidents plan (APAP), statements of industrial control and plans of civil defense.

Major statements, principles and rules of passport compilation, declarations development, and abatement of possible accidents plan, statements of industrial control and plans of civil defense are discussed on seminars.

Permission issuing

Main requirements for issuing permissions production, testing and use (including imported) technologies, technical facilities, materials used at hazardous industrial sites.

Common requirements for fire safety

Rules for conducting work at hazardous industrial sites and a list and composition of reporting documentation of the enterprise are considered on seminars.

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