Development in architecture and oil and gas industries

Development of (technological) mining production:

  • Designing oil and gas extraction and production of oil and gas condensate;
  • Compilation of projects and technological schedules in order to develop oil and gas deposits;
  • Compilation of technical and economics evidence of oil and gas deposit’s project development.

Development of (technological) petrochemical production:

  • Products of organic chemistry (oil, gas and condensate); raw rubber, tire, rubber industry, technical hydrocarbon, chemical fibers, polymer materials and plastics;
  • Oil-containing waste treatment.

Development of (technological) oil and gas processing production:

  • Primary and in-depth oil processing products;
  • Compounding and inclusion of dopants, additives and components to marketable diesel in order to increase an octane number;
  • Compounding and inclusion of dopants, additives and components to foul oil products in order to generate diesel of a given property;
  • Inclusion of dopants and additives to diesel fuel, fuel oil;
  • Inclusion of dopants to mineral oil.

Development of individual and group projects on well drilling

Development of projects on the construction and abatement of sludge tanks

Project activity:

  • III category.
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