Work and services in industrial safety area PDF Print E-mail
  • Carrying out the work at declared objects;
  • Issuing the documents, confirming the correspondence of technical equipment, technologies and materials to the requirements of industrial safety, and consultative-methodical assistance in acquisition of permissive documents from the Committee of governmental control for emergencies and industrial safety of the Ministry of Emergencies of the RoK;
  • Undertaking the industrial safety expertise, for the whole enterprises and by divisions, of equipment and machinery, and project documentation in the industrial safety questions;
  • Undertaking technical audit of enterprise on the questions of industrial safety with the following determination of corrective measures and recommendations;
  • Technical accompanying of the projects regarding industrial safety;
  • Undertaking of the scientific and investigative and project work;
  • Development of regulative and legal acts;
  • Compilation of the passports (duplicates) for the foreign equipment and imported technics;
  • Development of the Declarations of industrial safety at dangerous industrial objects;
  • Development of abatement accidents plans (AAP);
  • Development of the Statement of production control in the area of industrial safety at dangerous industrial facilities;
  • Development of the Plans for civil defense and emergencies at peace and war times;
  • Development of the instructions on occupational health and safety (by jobs and work types);
  • Development of the instruction programs (introductory and primary instructions on working place);
  • Development of the program of education in the questions of industrial safety and labour protection for the organization’s personnel;
  • Development of study programs on questions of safety and occupational safety for company’s personnel
  • Development of study programs for the Company personnel in each specialty (study plan, theme plan, methodic instructions, examination topics, handouts, presentations, visual aids, tests, lectures, etc);

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