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“ECO-Astana NR” LLP renders services in the area of environmental protection (EP) and industrial safety (IS). Life and health security of the personnel as well as provision of safe conditions of work are considered to be a major priority.

The fundamental aims of the Company are an absolute assurance of health security, safety provision of the staff in the workplace and at production facilities as well as assurance of environmental safety and nature preservation.

“ECO-Astana NR” LLP regards compulsory observance of labour legislation, compliance with regulatory legal acts and operative standards in occupational health and safety and environmental protection as an important condition for successful development.

Personnel understand the responsibility for compliance with requirements related to the occupational health and safety and environmental protection. We assume that an accurate and meticulous observance of safety requirements, health and environmental protection from our personnel’s side plays a key role in a stable development of the Company.

Company’s obligations in the area of occupational health and safety and environmental protection:

- Health: “ECO-Astana NR” LLP tries to organize its activity in a way to prevent the occurrence of the damage to people’s health;

- Safety: “ECO-Astana NR” LLP strives to prevent any accidents related to Company’s activity;

- Environment: “ECO-Astana NR” LLP strives to prevent and reduce the impact of the activity and production by means of introducing respective principles of development.


- Exclusion of accidents at Clients’ industrial objects.

- Accident and emergency prevention on working places during production operations;

- Careful attitude toward health status of personnel;

- Conservation of environment;

- Observance of regulative and legislative norms of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Fundamental principles:

- Constant adherence of Company’s managers to improve the level of occupational health and safety and environmental protection;

- Responsibility and provision with safe work conditions, understanding the necessity of knowledge and observance of requirements in the sphere of occupational health and safety and environmental protection by personnel and contractor organizations, as well as responsibility for both personal and society’s safety;

- Care for health of each local employee;

- Appropriate education or retraining of Company’s personnel before new work implementation;

- Environment protection by all means and ways;

- Development and improvement of the Company’s policy to provide occupational health and safety and environmental protection among personnel as an essential part of Company’s corporate culture.

Key priorities in Company’s activity:

- Maximum adherence to the health and safety requirements as well as participation in environmental protection at Clients’ industrial sites.

- Reasonable and rational consumption of natural resources;

- Participation in programs of the improvements of occupational heal and safety and environmental protection organized by the Government or Client.

Company clearly understands that life and health of an employee as well as valuable environment is the most precious aspect. Therefore Company’s managers will strive to support, improve and develop the most perspective directions that make a significant contribution to the development of safe industrial activity and environmental protection.