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Works and services in the environmental protection area:

  • Development of documentation for enterprises: review of the environment’s condition, preliminary environmental impact assessment (preliminary EIA), environmental impact assessment (EIA), “environmental protection” chapter in the preliminary design and design project documentation;
  • Development of the standards projects of maximum permissible emissions to the environment (MPE);
  • Development of the ecological passports for enterprises;
  • Development of the register passports of the sources of pollution/nature user/pollution areas;
  • Development of the standards projects of maximum permissible discharge (MPD) to the environment;
  • Development of the standards projects of waste disposal (SPWD);
  • Development of the hazardous waste passports;
  • Development of ecological control programs and undertaking ecological control;
  • Implementation of work related to the preparation of notices and suggestions regarding materials of ecological expertise object and working out of special questions;
  • Ecological audit;
  • Co-ordination of projects and acquisition of authorized documents (permissions for emissions) in the authorized bodies of environmental protection;
  • Inventory of CO2 gasses emissions;
  • Development and co-ordination of the project/program of abatement of nature use consequences;
  • Development of waste management programs;
  • Development of the project of sanitary-protective zone justification.

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